Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2
Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2
Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2
Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2
Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2
Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2

Canyon 16 Summing Mixer TAKE 2

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Our 16-channel analog summing mixer.

Your audio will travel through separate circuits providing the desired analog color and a breathtaking dimension to your mix.

Its transformers are seamlessly calibrated during the manufacturing processes to offer a crystalline answer to the sound, by supplying defined basses, mellow-sounding middles, and clear trebles.

Blend: parallel process. Canyon 16 Summing Mixer comes with an INSERT through which you may incorporate to the mixer bus whatever effect you can think of, equalizer, compressor… However, the fun has not ended yet. Thanks to the Blend control, you may choose the ratio of dry to wet signal. This will allow you to perform operations such as parallel compression, bringing consistency to the mixes without losing a shred of punch or ease.

Step out of the computer. Do your mixes seem small compared to those of the most excellent sound engineers? You are in the right place. Canyon 16 Summing Mixer offers you the quality everybody seeks inside the analog world. It provides your signal with an even harmonics’ excitation, a linear phase distortion, and a spatial dimension you can only find in the analog sphere.

Humanize your mixes. We all love the digital world’s virtues, but sometimes the results turn out to be cold and distant. Canyon 16 Summing Mixer brings such a sense of humanity and authenticity back to the resulting sound. You will never want to export a track “in the box” anymore.

Mixer bus direct access. Do you think 16 channels are not enough for your mixes? No problem! Through the MIX IN/OUT port of your Canyon 16 Summing Mixer, you will be able to link different Canyons up to 48 channels in the same mixer bus. Expand the possibilities of the analog addition for the most demanding mixes.


  • Line Output: Maximum output: +26 dBu 0.1% THD.
  • Distortion: 20 dBu output, less than 0,05% in the range of 40 Hz to 10 kHz.
  • Frequency response: From 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-0.5 dB).
  • Harmonic distortion: 20 dBu output, 60 Hz 0,03%, 1 kHz 0,01%,10 Khz 0,05%.
  • Background noise (Noise floor): Less than 100 dBu.
  • Signal to noise ratio (SNR): Greater or equal to 105 dBu.
  • Channels: 16 mono channels with individual VOLUME and PAN control.


Previous versión (Analog Edition TAKE 1) is not longer available.


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