Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2
Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2
Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2
Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2
Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2
Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2

Icicle Equalizer TAKE 2

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Our powerful 4-band monoparametric equalizer. A versatile tool fit for every situation.

Icicle Equalizer Analog Edition TAKE 2 is your ally for surgically removing any annoying frequency or increasing a region. Edit without limits!

With Icicle Equalizer, you can choose between our most Classic or Modern sound.

  • Classic Sound: The sound of the 70’s classic consoles, with its harmonic distortion. Perfect for all those situations where you are looking for that rich and warm sound.
  • Modern Sound: Ultra-transparent and sharp sound, perfect for mastering. Turn to the Modern Mode when pursuing the sound of contemporary productions, a crystalline and vigorous one.

Broaden your voices. Sure enough, you have envied the broadened voices of your favorite mixes a million times. Icicle Equalizer comes with a treble filter that reaches up to 29,4kHz. Therefore, you will be able to enhance your voices’ glow up to the maximum, adding a sense of broadness and proximity.

Want better results? Try the treble bandwidth with a lowered Q to reduce the annoying frequencies and control de Harsh effect.

Down to the last detail. Icicle Equalizer fits perfectly those situations where some annoying frequencies arise, either due to an acoustic space resonance, to the instrument construction, or because of the presence of certain frequency registries unneeded in the final mix.

To get rid of them, we suggest choosing a small Q and increasing that frequency range gain. Search for the said frequency adjusting the FREQUENCY knob until noticing it intensifies. Beware of keeping your monitor’s volume not too high.

Once found, decrease the gain to the minimum and… Voilà! The frequency will vanish.

Boost your FX. Do not leave your delivery channels untreated. The reverb channel often contains unnecessary frequencies that soil the final sound. Icicle Equalizer is ideal for these situations.

Try removing the effects’ low-end or even eliciting a different sensation by creatively emphasizing different ranges of frequencies.


  • Line Output: Maximum output: +26 dBu 0.1% THD.
  • Distortion: 20 dBu output, less than 0,05% in the range of 40 Hz to 10 kHz.
  • Frequency response: From 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-0.5 dB).
  • Harmonic distortion: 20 dBu output, 60 Hz 0,03%, 1 kHz 0,01%,10 Khz 0,05%.
  • Gain level: From +50 dB.
  • Background noise (Noise floor): Less than 100 dBu.
  • Signal to noise ratio (SNR): Greater or equal to 105 dBu.
  • Frequencies: 12 Hz y 800 Hz ,125 Hz y 8 KHz, 400 Hz y 25 K6Hz and 570 Hz y 29 K6Hz.


Previous versión (Analog Edition TAKE 1) is not longer available.


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