Lava Preamp Original Edition
Lava Preamp Original Edition
Lava Preamp Original Edition
Lava Preamp Original Edition
Lava Preamp Original Edition
Lava Preamp Original Edition

Lava Preamp Original Edition

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Dedicated to those who pursue an organic sound, warm and with presence.

Thanks to the odd harmonics excitation of the frequency spectrum and their distortion during the linear phase, our first versión of Lava Preamp Analog Edition will provide your sound with a broader presence in the mix.

Its advanced handmade analog electronics offer a slow transients' response, thus generating a more homogenous sensation in the final sound.

Harmonize the voice. Connect your favorite microphone to Lava Preamp and instantly obtain much more definition and dynamics that will settle the voice into the mix with pinpoint accuracy.

Voices "In-Your-Face". Lava Preamp is the best choice for the voices to cut through all the mix, giving it more presence and definition. All the frequency range will homogeneously come into play, due to its transistors' linear distortion, locating your voice above all else.

Change the strings. Lava Preamp is the best buddy for stringed instruments. Thanks to its overwhelming headroom, you will be able to keep alive all the dynamic range of these instruments. Acoustic or Flamenco guitars, violins, cellos… From the most subtle vibration to the most potent strumming, Lava Preamp will provide you with the color and dynamic range ideal for each situation.

Ultra-solid Basses. Everything flows when basses are well-defined, and the mix low-end is consolidated. All great contemporary mixes share this secret. With Lava Preamp, your final mix will remain firmly fixed to the ground.

*** IMPORTANT *** This version of Lava Preamp includes an OUTPUT fader (0%-100%) instead of a TRIM potentiometer (+-10dB) to take full advantage of the color provided by its original Carnhill® transformer.


  • Microphone Input: Input impedance: 300 Ω or 1200 Ω when activating HI-Z.
  • Instrument Input: Input impedance: 1 Mohm.
  • Line Output: Maximum output: +26 dBu 0.1% THD.
  • Distortion: 20 dBu output, less than 0,05% in the range of 40 Hz to 10 kHz.
  • Frequency response: From 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-0.5 dB).
  • Harmonic distortion: 20 dBu output, 60 Hz 0,03%, 1 kHz 0,01%,10 Khz 0,05%.
  • Gain level: From +20 dB to +75 dB (in steps of 5 dB).
  • Noise floor: Less than -100 dBu.